We are Knuckle Dragger – The Drone Review

If you like your music loud and heavy, We are Knuckle Dagger from Newcastle are something for you and if you don’t already know them, you’re missing out. The three guys played Reading and Leeds festival this year, they toured with Dillinger Escape Plan and their new album The Drone will be released at the end of this month.

The Drone contains ten songs and already some of the titles show that these guys are up to some different stuff, for example in This Better Be Life Threatening Norman (who’s Norman?), A Bunch Of Fucking Mutants, Here’s Your Shit Sandwich or Flapjack The Ripper. 
It’s obvious that this band has really talented members who create special music. In Funhouse and Starting Strength, the guitarist impresses with sick guitar solos and their vocalist gives his everything for every single song. However, in this genre it’s difficult to make every song sound different from the others and that’s something the band didn’t manage all the time. It takes some time to figure out which song is which. Furthermore, the sound of We are Knuckle Dagger is mostly for people who like it rough and extreme. For others, this album might be exhausting to listen to.


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