Train – California 37 Review


I’ve been a fan of this band for a long time, and although they’ve been around for what seems to be forever, this album has been regarded by some as the album to break them into the UK mainstream. I’m not so sure.

It starts of well enough with “This’ll Be My Year” which charts the history of the band and the world around it. But they have followed it with a cliched stab at cool pop/rap/rock in “Drive By” that literally made me scream in despair on the first listen.

The next song “Feels Good At First” is a reminder of the band that grabbed me many years ago. Thoughtfully written and easy on the ear.

I absolutely hate “Bruises” featuring Ashley Monroe. I think this duet displays a real lack of inspiration, and a need to do what everyone else in the industry is doing at the moment by adding a collaboration to their album.

There are a few great songs on this album, but a fair few hideous fillers too. I challenge anyone to listen to “Mermaid” without thinking it’s a Eurovision entry for Ukraine!

If anyone thinks I’m being overly harsh, it’s only because I have been a fan for so long, and now feel utterly disappointed by this half attempt of an album.

Its worth buying for the half album that is worthy of a listen, just don’t expect every song to do it for you.

So, half an album; hence half marks. 5/10



Words By Ross Gurney

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