Theory Of A Deadman – Savages Review

Theory Of A Deadman SavagesThe new Theory Of A Deadman album, Savages, shows the band are evolving away from their typical breakup songs all while retaining that hard rock sound that the fans know and love.

The opening track of the album Drown is a fairly heavy song but it drags on. The slower song shows off some impressive production and is a good transition to the direction the band are heading with this album. Although the song isn’t a masterpiece in any sense, it is a song that opens the album up well and makes the rest of the album seem awesome. A very simple chord progresion leads the song and the unexciting drum beat just doesn’t give the song any justice.

The next song on the album is a lot more upbeat and shows off vocalists Tyler’s vocals and songwriting ability. It’s a heavy song with some acoustic guitar which gives a different twist to the song and it gives the song a sort of country feel. The lyrics are rather harsh covering how people are brain washed by the media (or that’s how I interpret the song) and making a few snide comments at rapper Chris Brown. The guitar is much more exciting using some nice riffs that add some texture to the song. The Bass isn’t an overly huge aspect of this song so when it’s played during the chorus it really adds to the composure of the song as its a big beefy powerful sounding bass. The vocals are very impresive showing of the bands clever use of harmonising and the impeccable note changes the band can perform with their voices.

Heavy is, as the name suggestions, a heavy songs with some huge sounding guitars that play some heavy riffs, incredible solos and head bang worthy riffs. The bass, as per usual with a Theory Of A Dead Man song, is deep, it’s the sort of bass that would make your earlobes vibrate, this compliments the beast of a bass drum perfectly, it shows off that although there is some serious material on the album the band still know how to write a good fun song to listen and mosh to. It’s a wicked fun song.

The band explore their obvious country roots with the song Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song, with some awesome acoustic guitar and some incredible guitar solos and riffs. The song really shows off the bands willingness to explore their selves as musicians while also showing off their impeccable musicianship and how they’re more then just a platinum selling rock band and they could play any genre they wanted and still sound awesome.

Overall the album is very well written with some excellent displays of impressive instrumentation and vocal work however at times it is a bit dull and although all the songs sound different, the album just seems like it drags on and I’m not overly thrilled and excited by the end of the album. Incredible musicians and a well written album but is it worthy of going platinum? Not really.


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