Exclusive: Interview with Pasi Kauppinen, Sonata Arctica

Earlier on this week, it was announced that Sonata Arctica’s long-time bassist Marko Paasikoski was going to be leaving the band and that Pasi Kauppinen (Silent Voices, Winterborn) would be stepping up to the role of the band’s new bassist – you can read the full announcement here.

Well, Soundscape were lucky enough to catch up with him for his first ever interview as Sonata Arctica’s bassist and he is every bit as lovely as you might expect him to be!

Photo by Natalie Humphries @ Silent Voices, 22/05/13

Congratulations on your new position as Sonata Arctica’s new bass player! When did the guys ask you to join and did you even have to think about it?
Thank you very much! They asked me if I was willing to join Sonata Arctica after Marko announced to them that he was going to quit a couple of months ago. I have known all the Sonata guys for many years from studio sessions and touring with them with Winterborn, so it was a really easy decision for me to make.

How did you react to the news that Marko was leaving?
Of course I was really surprised but totally understood him after I talked with the guys about it. I wish him the best for the future.

What is the thing you are most looking forward to about being in Sonata Arctica?
Next, we are going to be recording a new studio album and I’m really into that right now. But next year we’ll start touring – and of course, hitting the stages around the world with Sonata will be quite a huge experience for me and I’m totally looking forward to that!

What old song are you most looking forward to playing live?
I have heavy and progressive metal roots, so the heavier and faster songs. For example, Don’t Say A Word is a perfect live song.

What is happening with Studio57 now – are you still going to be a producer or will you be stepping back in order to tour?
I’m co-owner of Studio57 and I’m not going anywhere from there. Music recording and producing is my passion alongside performing it live. We have lots of outside producers making albums in the studio all the time so basically nothing changes – only the balance of how much time I’ll be behind the mixing board. I’ll just fit my produced albums into the Sonata Arctica schedule but I will absolutely be continuing to work in my studio.

What will you be bringing to the band?
I’ll try to bring everything I’ve got to give for Sonata Arctica and the fans onstage. As a bass player I have quite a different sound and style to my playing than Marko has. I have however recorded Marko’s playing on earlier albums and produced his playing – I’ll of course put my own style on the bass lines but I also know what fits in Sonata Arctica’s style. Henrik and I have played together from when we were about 14 years old, back from the days when we were founding Silent Voices, so we have quite good chemistry on stage and as Henrik’s style fits perfectly in Sonata Arctica I think I will fit there, too.

And finally, do you have any idea what the new album is going to be like? Have you heard any demos?
Actually, I haven’t yet! I’ve been travelling the whole Summer and Sonata Arctica have just finished their tour so we haven’t got time to assemble and listen to the demos yet. But I’ve heard that there’s some really good stuff coming. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Sonata Arctica will soon be heading into the studio to work on their upcoming eighth studio album which will be released sometime next year, with a tour to follow. To keep up with their progress, the band’s keyboard player Henrik has opened up a brand new blog for you to follow exactly what’s going on.

You can also read our live review of Silent Voices (Pasi and Henrik’s other band) here and our interview with them here.

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