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Kloq Begin AgainPlaying what is probably best described as electronic music with punk, rock and hip-hop elements, it’s impossible to pigeonhole Kloq into an exact genre and the first thing that hits you about their album Begin Again is just how insanely catchy it is.

Opener True Crusader is good enough, but as soon as the introduction for Chainsaw kick in, it instantly becomes apparent that this is an album you won’t be forgetting in a while. Chainsaw is just one of those tunes that has the ability to worm its way into your head and rattle around in your mind for days. It has everything, from a catchy opening, memorable chorus and satisfying ending.

There’s only one low point of the album, which is the somewhat slower number Setting Sun. Although Kloq have mastered the art of writing great, up-tempo electronic music, this one does drag a tad and isn’t quite as memorable as the rest of the album as a result. It’s almost like the odd one out; the one track that doesn’t quite slot into the bigger picture and it’s a shame because otherwise Begin Again would have been a flawless release.

The album ends triumphantly with the title track (which an is aptly titled closer because you’re going to want to go back to the start and listen to the album again!) and it has absolutely huge vocals that are crying to be sung along to, alongside some mindblowingly catchy synth lines. Easily the best track of the album, so it’s a great choice to close the album and end it on a nice big high.

I can’t say I’m all that familiar with electronic music, but what I can say is that I know a good album when I hear it – and this is indeed a mighty offering. This is an album well worth checking out, no matter what genre of music is your preferred one.


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2 Comments on Kloq – Begin Again Review

  1. Fair review, but I love Setting Sun. I initially thought it was a guest vocal from Mark Hockings (Mesh). All in all, a great album, and it just goes to show that different people will take different things from it. Setting Sun is a stand-out track for me, but not for the reason that Natalie cited.

    Thanks all. More please.

  2. Hey Natalie,

    Oz from KLOQ here.

    I just wanted to say hi and thanks for reviewing the album so kindly ! We were so pleased to see your honesty and enthusiasm…..that means a lot to us 😉

    People are slowly getting into the album, the more reviews like this the easier it is to get fans/industry on our side so it’s always cool to have people such as yourself write such positive things.

    Maybe I can keep you posted with any further news and updates from the KLOQ camp ?

    Thanks again Natalie….stay in touch.


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