Edenbridge – The Great Momentum Review

Edenbridge The Great MomentumEdenbridge is a band that has been off my radar for a considerable time – I enjoyed their 2008 album My Earth Dream, but then I didn’t really hear much from them since then, so when I spotted their new album The Great Momentum in my inbox I knew this was something I’d have to take a closer look at.

The Great Momentum is Edenbridge’s ninth studio album and although it’s decent, there’s not a lot of variety within the songs and subsequently it’s a little difficult to remain focused on it from start to finish as it’s not the most engaging of pieces. Musically it’s very tight, with some great performances on it, but it’s not fresh – it’s a little tired and feels like they’re rehashing ideas as it’s not too far from the music that featured on My Earth Dream. It’s a shame because rather than progressing with their sound, it seems that they have been spiralling in place instead, which isn’t exactly a healthy approach.

It just feels like Edenbridge are capable of better. Although there’s some good songs, such as the catchy ballad-esque track The Moment Is Now and A Turnaround In Art verges on epic at times, as a whole it’s just a little bit of a letdown. Shame, really.


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