Crosses (†††) – Self-titled Review

CrossesThe band’s first full length was originally due for release last November, but has been pushed back until February 10th 2014 and the extra wait has been worth it.

Whilst 10 out of 15 songs on the album are tracks that originally featured on the bands first 2 EPs, the 5 new tracks more than make up for it. This album brings in the soothing atmospheric soundscape you’d expect to be a large influence from Chino Moreno, what with it having occasionally crept up in Deftones tracks.

But it’s the elements of minimalism that really sell this album. It’s a case of less is truly more and the mix of Moreno, Lopez and Doom’s influences pooled together, releases the music from within the confines of a genre; and then comes the imagery.

15 tracks of dark, melodic beauty that as ever spectacularly emphasize Chino Moreno’s lulling voice and allow your mind to wander into it’s own world where sound is images and images are everything with these tracks. Not enough bands these days are allowing you to paint a picture with their music and †††’s do this beautifully, adding new elements and depths to their artistry that other artists can only dream of.


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