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With 4 humongous albums, and multiple headline world tours with names like Bowling for Soup, Simple Plan, Silverstein and Boys Like Girls, Avril Lavigne is back with her new self-titled album, which features big names like Marilyn Manson and Chad Kroeger of Nickleback.

The album opens with her most recent singles, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Here’s To Never Growing Up, which were great choices for first singles as it demonstrates the direction she is taking with this new album – a more pop feel with a side of her pop-rock roots. The new single Rock ‘N’ Roll has very sarcastic lyrics and is quiet clearly Avril’s cocky vocal style, and it proves that she isn’t straying from her roots with the distorted guitar and her unique vocal style. There is a sweet little guitar solo as well; nothing overly special or impressive but it’s enough to show she still is “rock ‘n’ roll”.

Here’s To Never Growing Up opens with gang vocals and a solo bass kick that you will want to sing along with. The chorus is one you will want to sing along with, and make you tap your foot and throw your hands up in the air! Although it has a very pop feel to it, it still feels like it’s got a bit of an edge with the punk attitude she emits.

One song that stands out is her collaboration with Marilyn Manson, Bad Girl. With the heavy nu metal guitar riff and Marilyn’s rough, husky powerful voice, it complements Avril’s voice pleasantly and creates an unexpected heavy song. It’s a very dark song and lyrically very risqué.

Another stand out is Let Me Go, which is a collaboration with her husband, Chad Kroeger of Nickleback. It’s a slower song and has a rock ballad feel with a powerful chorus. Chad’s vocals add nicely to the song with his huskiness that gives it the raw powerful feeling.

Overall the album has a pop feel, especially the drums and synth which sound a bit like bubble gum pop in some songs like Hello Kitty but it manages to maintain Avril’s punk edge with her sarcastic lyrics and arrogant vocal style.


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