Wömit Angel – Maggotmouth Review

Womit angel maggotmouthWe first introduced Wömit Angel to you last year when they released their awesome album Holy Goatse and now they’re back with a brand new EP entitled Maggotmouth.

At just under seven and a half minutes long in duration, Maggotmouth is practically over as soon as it has begun, and this both works in the band’s favour and against it. It packs a punch, that much is clear, but it somewhat feels like a hit and run due to how quickly it’s over! In addition the three tracks on the EP, whilst good, aren’t quite as powerful and substantial as what was showcased on their last full-length.

However saying that, the vocal delivery on the title track Maggotmouth is very powerful and second track Children Of Moon is a song you can’t help but want to bang your head along to! Admittedly there isn’t much variation between all three songs, as it almost plays like one continuous song rather than three separate entities, but it still sounds good in any case.

Maggotmouth is a decent enough release, but Wömit Angel can definitely do better than this. It’s still worth a listen; just don’t go in expecting any big surprises.


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