VLMV – Stranded, Not Lost Review

Released on: 16th February 2018

Well, this is a rather beautiful piece of work. Stranded, Not Lost is the new album from VLMV (a band who you may recognise from their previous name of ALMA) and it’s definitely one of those breathtaking listens that will remain with you a long time after you’ve finished listening to it.

It takes a lot to properly interest me when it comes to softer and more ambient music, as I definitely tend to lean more towards the noiser and heavier ends of the musical spectrum, so the fact I am utterly in love with this is surely testament to how great it is! As a whole, Stranded, Not Lost is fairly simplistic but it is very effective at leaving its mark on you. As there is ‘less’ to take in, it means you pay closer attention and as the music is just so immersive, it’s easy to get lost in.

There’s an almost-ethereal tone to the music, with second track If Only I proving to be an early highlight with vocals that will give you goosebumps coupled up with gently beautiful instrumentation. Meanwhile later track Lunokhod brings a little more ambience to the album with a slight clashing tone to the softly-delivered string line.

There’s not much to Stranded, Not Lost, but despite this (or maybe because of this!) it is an absolutely stunning bit of art. Make sure you don’t miss this incredible album!


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