Solitary – The Diseased Heart of Society Review

Solitary_DiseasedHeart_coverFormed way back in 1994 when the internet was just invented, Solitary wiped their class upon the thrash and left us all contented. Three albums in sees the band complete an Orion’s belt of shining albums as The Diseased Heart of Society falls before the ten year gap of prior records. The three Lancashire lads have went and done good.

The new album is quality thrash metal secured with a solid foundation of soaring chords met with ritual chugging. Chanced over with grueling licks that will leave your knees weak and your pants wet. For all intents and purposes it’s a venerable eargasm that’ll leave your neighbors bleeding from post-coital tension, and they’re not even in the same room!

Intense doesn’t even begin to describe how hot this album is and there are no words to explain the hard, heavy and downright aggressive action that this album takes to the extreme. Fantastic might do, or maybe excelsior, or if you’re not into superfluous lingo then great will suffice. All these terms are easily applied to any track on The Diseased Heart of Society. Where each song has the ability to bring euphoria.

These ideas only come around due to strong song writing which it seems Solitary practice to the highest degree. Although there’s nine years since their last album that time has been very well spent in refining their tune.  Solitary have got the pure essence of thrash down and they clearly know how to apply it making each track a reason to start a circle pit wherever you may roam.


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