Samuel Little – Don’t Leave This Ship EP Review

British singer/songwriter Samuel Little makes his welcomed and long awaited return to the music scene with a 4 track EP, which is available from his Bandcamp page.

Sam was singer with popular pop/punkers Fleeing From Finale’s, then went solo as Eat, Sleep, Attack and then subsequently using his own name and has written and released some of my favourite songs, just check out ‘Fallin’ and ‘She’s Not That Into You’, which you will also find on his bandcamp page.

This 4 track EP starts with ‘Don’t Leave Without Me’, an acoustic, melancholy number. Sam’s voice is amazing as ever and absolutely shines on this track, the lyrics and the melody are incredible.

‘Bones’ is a more upbeat sounding song, even if the subject matter not so much. Again, this is a perfectly constructed track with another stunning vocal melody.

‘When It Rains, It Floods’ is my favourite song here at the moment, a positive song with a good vibe and the trademark Sam Little huge chorus, catchy as a motherfucker.

The EP ends with an acoustic cover of Blink 182’s ‘I Miss You’, It’s cool enough, not my favourite song but Sam does a good job.

There are some well crafted songs here and is definitely worthy of your time and money, It’s also great to have Sam back making music, and I hope there will be much more to come.


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