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ovo-creaturaIf you’re expecting an extension of something Peter Gabriel wrote in concern to OvO then you’re going to be sorely amused. As OvO is an Italian act who bend music to their will and create disconcerting industrial music. It’s industrial Jem, but not as we know it.

The latest release spawned from OvO, called Creatura, is an otherworldly entity that’s technically astute and glaringly horrific. Where creepy voices meet the shrilling template of syncopated madness within the pounding rhythms that are relentless in their command. Beating an downtrodden path down a din less traveled. Wandering a very unique route to the pleasure centers of the brain.

The coolest thing about this album however is how it manages to accurately depict what [a] mainstream religion calls witchcraft. The indeterminate wails sound like genuine screams of unborn monstrosities clawing at the veil to be welcomed into this world. It’s very dapper and rather forward, and it’s incredibly surreal. You could almost equate it to being given an express invite into the comatose world of Baba Yaga.

Behind the ghastly and nightmarish invocations lies a solid foundation of composition that embraces disharmonious normals within the musical spectrum. Mixing together to create an uncomfortable noise that is strangely melodious. It’s one of many peculiarities that the album inspires. With the other being the racy drum patterns that give the feeling of the walls spinning and closing in. However with their brashness follows some seriously hard and brutal riffs.

What matters on Creatura is the way the tunes progress and the songs develop like a natural force culminating in a hellishly foreboding atmosphere. Rife with symbolic taboo inciting what some may consider an augur of misfortune, but OvO are a blessing in disguise. Creating an more realistic and honest representation of celestial majesty.

It’s an ugly sound but it’s also wondrous as it dwells in the between space of witchhouse and industrial. Although to put it more apt it’s an outstandingly fantastic experience, and also ‘OvO’ looks like a little ASCII Baphomet and that’s really cute. Creatura A Satana.


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