Nick Nash – Fear Of Perdition Review

nick nash fear of perditionFear Of Perdition is the recently released debut EP from singer-songwriter Nick Nash and it’s a beautiful piece that is very relaxing and immersive.

One of the first things that hits you about the EP is the stunning vocal performance. There’s a nice amount of ambience to them and there’s a lot of emotion in their delivery. Fear Of Perdition is, as a whole, a rather vocally-driven piece, yet the vocals aren’t overpowering and you’re still able to appreciate the accompanying instrumentation underneath. The majority of the EP is quite acoustic, but there’s a good addition of electric and a ‘thicker’ sound at times, so it helps to keep the piece varied and a bit more interesting.

Each track is great in its own right, but a particular highlight is third track If I Get Lost. One of the more simplistically-constructed songs on the EP, due to it just featuring acoustic guitar, strings and vocals, it almost feels like the piece has been laid bare as a result. The vocal line is rather catchy, and you’ll soon find yourself humming or singing along to it after a couple of listens! Additionally, the string line adds a lot of colour to the song and even though it’s only in the background, it gives the track a lot more body as a result.

All in all, a nice little EP with a lot of potential. Already looking forward to more from this talented artist!


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