Neige Morte – Bicephaale Review

NEIGE-MORTE_BICEPHAALESometimes albums are a little more difficult to get into and require a good few listens, but sometimes it’s just a case that the album just isn’t all that engaging, and sadly Bicephaale by French black metallers Neige Morte falls under the latter of these two statements.

There’s just nothing about the release that stands out and half of the time it just feels like the band are just spiralling and place, and not making any progress as the same repeated ideas play over and over. Second track Death Shall Have No Dominion has no life to it, with the track taking an age to get underway, and …Et Vacuite’ du Combat feels like a painfully drawn-out extension of it but with added odd and out-of-place vocals atop of it.

Third track Eaters Of Worlds isn’t too bad, as it’s a largely energetic number that feels like a breath of fresh air after Death Shall Have No Dominion but on the other hand, it’s not tremendously outstanding and it’s still a struggle to maintain interest in the track for the entire duration.

Not one of the best albums on offer right now – you’re probably better off searching elsewhere.


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