Picks Of The Month: March 2017

Once again, it’s been a great month for music! There’s been plenty of good albums to contend with this month, but here’s our absolute favourites for you to check out. Get listening below!

Natalie’s Picks

Oceanwake – Earthen
Track to check out: It’s a two-track release. Check ’em both out!
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/oceanwake-earthen-review/

Earthen may only be a two-track album (not sure why Spotify lists it with three tracks though!) but it’s a stunning and substantial listen that you’ll remember for all the right reasons. This excellent Finnish doom band can seemingly do nothing wrong!

Wormwood – Ghostlands – Wounds From A Bleeding Earth
Track to check out: Tidh ok Ödhe
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/wormwood-ghostlands-wounds-from-a-bleeding-earth-review/

If you like folk and black metal, trust me when I say you’ll love the debut album from Wormwood. This is the start of something special for this band, mark my words!

Anomalie – Visions
Track to check out: Vision II: The Wanderer
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/anomalie-visions-review/

I’ve always enjoyed Anomalie, but Visions definitely took things to the next level for me. Visions is an atmospheric work of art and is in my opinion, the project’s strongest release yet.

Dave’s Picks

Druids – Druids
Track to check out: Time
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/druids-uk-druids-review/

Merlin did nothing wrong.

The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow
Track to check out: Gods of the New Age
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/the-vicious-head-society-abject-tomorrow-review/

Prog is a dangerous art that can go awry when mixed with metal however Ireland’s Vicious Head Society make it blossom with wonderful form on this first album.

Syd.31 – The Last Punks On Earth
Track to check out: Blood Diva
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/syd-31-the-last-punks-on-earth-review/

I don’t know what’s in these balls but I’m damn well sure I’m tripping on them every time I listen to this album.

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