Luna Sol – Blood Moon Review

luna sol blood moonLoud, obnoxious and with elements of fusion jazz, the semblance to Stoner Rock and Shoegaze is tenuous. With a closer approximation being to Fleetwood Black (Sabbath) but with less personality and with so much to say; and with stonerisms that become more and more apparent the deeper you delve into the tumult of singing bass lines. Those blues inspired lines are quite possibly the coolest element on Blood Moon, next to Stevie Nicks and Nick Cave not really appearing on the album.

Out of proportion is apt to describe the intensity of the riffing in comparison to the label appropriation. The high octane (who even says that?!?) feel from the brazen and chunky riffage makes for some gross musculature in the energetic performance with the songs being fortuitous in their execution. Vulgar jives ephemerally whisk in on the lead guitar to lighten the mood but in defiance of genre labelling nothing on Blood Moon sounds weedy.

Luna Sol haven’t really blended to create anything innovative within the realms of stoner rock. I doubt that is the genre label it can truly be classed under. It sure is blunt, but while Blood Moon can be coy and aloof it has no chill. This is really a dirty album for drivers who like to pretend they have dealt within the ecliptic void. The great news for stoners though is that it has been reclassified as Diesel Rock so that pot is for kettles, you dumb motherfuckers!


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