Singled Out: Little Matador – Reasons

Little Matador - ReasonsIrish Rockers Little Matadors new single Reasons is a catchy song, but very simple and repetitive. It’s got an old fashioned Muse-esque sound, with some catchy guitar riffs and simple but effective drum beat. It’s not something overly different though; they just sound like an up and coming indie band. The riff and drumbeat are just repeated throughout the song and it gets a bit boring. The song has catchy elements though, even if it is repetitive. The powerful bass drum dominates the track as does the guitar riff, the bass is very funky and it’s the sort of bass riff you’d sway along to which works well with the drums that give the same effect. The vocals are distorted, which hide vocalist Nathan vocal ability.

The Video is very original; it features front man Nathan agreeing to fight a two time world champion female boxer. Needless to say, this won’t end well for him. After the band help get him physically fit with some humorous scenes of him training, he steps into the ring before he runs away. With some clever camera angles to show the dramatic style of the fight and the lighting adds to this dramatic effect. In the end Nathan gets back in the ring and he takes a beating, the music video ends on him lying on the floor with blood all over him. Check out the video and obviously the song below:

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