Junksista – Promiscuous Tendencies Review

Release date: 9th February 2018

Prepare yourselves. Starting on Monday Junksista are going to make your whole week with their latest record Promiscuous Tendencies. Inpisring more than just cringey puns this album is a hot mess of sticky melodies, bouncing bass lines and production magic all ready to fill more than just the dance floor.

When you get down into it Promiscuous Tendencies is a heart killer. Beneath the veneer of pounding rhythms and raunchy lyrics lies a diverse and eclectic selection of sounds with the power to creep into your soul. Achieved by mixing classic dance sensibilities with rocks’ intuitive qualities.

With the duo having worked on a good few soundtracks in recent years the experience has had a very positive effect on these album tracks. Infusing drama in to their more personal compositions while encouraging more of the saccharine charm that they’ve come to embody. On Promiscuous Tendencies Junksista don’t shy away from letting the music honestly represent their feelings. They never have. All Junksista releases are racy in their own way but Promiscuous Tendencies comes out bearing a mark of maturity in comparision to their earlier works.

Adding to that mix Diana Noirs’ explicit lyrics, as told in her trademark sultry bedside manner, will consume your thoughts. As they promote awareness for the meaning of love. They’ll also lift you up off your butt and get you dancing like nothing else matters.

Promiscuous Tendencies is a monsterously deep album unafraid to get ugly. It isn’t so much an emotional roller coaster ride as a trip through an alternative Tunnel Of Love. Complete with well timed jump scares. A juxtaposition between sweet and salty this album is hot like chilli powder with sounds so clean that their dirty and distorted aspirations will make you shiver like a bitch packing heat. While this album starts, like every working week, on Monday¬†it’s much more pleasurable than play.


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