Gravity Rain – Artifacts Of Balance Review

gravity rain artifacts of balanceWe previously introduced Gravity Rain to you back in 2014 with a review of their EP The Shining Silence but now the band are back with their debut album entitled Artifacts Of Balance and it’s certainly a step up from the band’s previous material, building on what made the EP great whilst also trying out new ideas too.

One of our main nuances about the The Shining Silence was that the vocals were a little lacking, but with Artifacts Of Balance the vocals have been taken to the next level, and there’s a lot of emotion, passion and power in the delivery, which is really great to hear.

There’s plenty of fantastic tracks to be found on Artifacts Of Balance but one of the standout songs has to be the tremendous M.A.D., which sees the band draw influences from a lot of different styles. The vocals are very powerful, with the extremely brief harsh vocal line adding an extra sparkle to the track, and the guitar solo that follows it is jaw-droppingly awesome – and then the track progresses into a somewhat unexpected string solo yet it really does work, adding another stunning element to an already-great song.

All in all, Artifacts Of Balance is a great listen – make sure you check this talented outfit out.


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