Fjoergyn – Lvcifer Es Review

fjoergyn lucifer esAlthough Lvcifer Es, the fifth album from German avant-garde black metallers Fjoergyn, may only be the first album I’ve heard from the five-piece but what an impression it’s made! This is a seriously good piece of work.

Lvcifer Es is an atmospherically stunning listen, with the band giving an emotive and empassioned performance from start to finish. Each of the eight tracks brings something different to the table and the flow from one track to the next is fantastic – the fluidity is great and it almost feels like one continuous song with eight different facets to it. The heaviness juxtaposes well against the softer points and in particular, the melody the synth lines adds is perfect.

It’s difficult to choose a particular highlight of the album, as all eight songs are strong in their own way, but perhaps one of the strongest inclusions is Dinner mit Baal, which serves as one of the longest tracks on Lvcifer Es. It takes a while to fully get moving, with Fjoergyn setting the scene well with more ambient and softer melodies and ideas before slowly progressing into a heavier and more in-your-face style. This then morphs into a more stripped-back section punctuated with guitars and whispers before the noise is brought once again, this time in a doomier approach. The song continues to progress in such a way, with the softer sections dividing the track up well into its different approaches, and it makes for a more engaging listen as a result.

As a whole, this is a great listen – I’m just sore that I didn’t get involved with this band’s music any earlier!


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