Enter The Lexicon – Self-Titled Review

Enter The Lexicon - Self-TitledEnter The Lexicon’s EP is another 4 track wonder. A lot of fantastic British bands emerging at the moment and these guys are just another one. Their sound is classic rock and roll meets post hardcore. It’s nice to hearing a band kicking it old school at the moment and mixing it up a bit. A definite welcome change.

Do You Feel The Same is a quality track. It’s a little bit balls out rock and roll. It’s an easy track to pick up the lyrics quickly and sing along with. The drums really drive this track and the guitar riff is catchy as anything. There’s also an awesome guitar solo that just oozes even more rock and roll.

Next track I Am Not You will make you want to get up and dance around the room.

Full Moon is a slower track but it still rocks. The drum beat is instantly catchy and the bass part boosts the whole song. You’ll find yourself tapping along happily or playing air guitar at the very least. It’s a very engaging track.

The final track is Enantiodromia. It’s more atmospheric than the previous track in the sense that it really sucks you in to its story and that story is enhanced by the use of guitar and bass. The music itself tells a story all of its own.

A really nice introduction to what else is to come from this band. Something different to what else is around at the moment. Well worth checking out.


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