Drekavac – The Ashes Of The Tyrant Review

Drekavac - The Ashes Of The Tyrant cover artThe Ashes Of The Tyrant is the latest offering from Scottish black metallers Drekavac and if you like your black metal grim and noisy, this will surely be right up your street.

Introductory track The Ritual sets the scene well before the EP progresses naturally into the first full song of the release, the hard-hitting and punchy The Genesis Of Darkness. The snarled vocals are absolutely magnificent, and paired with the relentless drums and wall of guitars, it makes for a track that really leaves a strong impression on you.

The EP progresses well from there, with following track The Hierophant sounding deliciously dark and after an interlude track, Drekavac ends things on a high with the mighty-sounding Deadmoon, and a particularly great element of the track is the crushing guitar lines that are almost a little doom-esque in parts – which is never a bad thing in my book!

Admittedly there aren’t any real surprises to be found in the duration of The Ashes Of The Tyrant. There’s nothing that really sets Drekavac apart from the crowd as it’s just a fairly standard-sounding black metal release, not really reinventing the wheel when it comes to the genre. However despite this, it’s still a great piece of work and definitely worth your time to check out.


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