Day Old Hate – First Light Review

day old hate first lightDay Old Hate’s new EP First Light is perhaps best described as a ‘typical’ take on the alt rock scene and although you may not find any surprises on the five-track offering it’s still a great listen and shows a band that is at ease and comfortable with what they’re doing at present.

It’s important to note that although you may not be in for any surprises on a stylistic level, each of the five tracks has its own unique identity, with Day Old Hate not being afraid to mix things up with the song structures and melodies, and First Light is an incredibly accessible piece due to the sheer catchiness of it. There’s a lot of power behind the vocals (indeed, they have a bit of a Rise Against vibe to them at times which is certainly not a bad thing) and frontman Oliver gives a masterful performance throughout – you’ll soon find yourself singing along to the songs after a couple of listens!

Secrets is a particular highlight of the EP – it’s a massive-sounding affair with a huge chorus that seems tailor-made for being performed live, and it’s one of those songs that will inevitably be rattling round your head for days after listening to it.

Day Old Hate have crafted a great EP with First Light – however it would also be nice if next time round, they’re a little more adventurous with their general sound.


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