Children Of Bodom – I Worship Chaos Review

Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos - ArtworkI Worship Chaos is the ninth album from Children Of Bodom and although it’s a decent enough listen, it does play as a rather stale listen and sees the band sticking to the same format they’ve always followed with their music. Whilst it’s clear that Children Of Bodom have found a formula that works for them, at nine albums in it does feel like it’s time for them to at least be a little adventurous and to try something new.

The songs themselves are decent enough, featuring complex showy guitar solos and technical keyboard lines to supplement both the solos and vocal lines, and each track flows well from one to the next. However, it’s disappointing that Children Of Bodom seemingly don’t want to switch things up at all and are happy to continue creating carbon copies of songs from previously released albums because it does feel like a lazy route out.

There’s honestly not much else that can be said about the album. As mentioned earlier, it’s certainly not a humdinger of an album that will leave you recoiling – but on the other hand, you could just save your money and listen to one of Children Of Bodom’s previous albums as you won’t be missing much when it comes to I Worship Chaos.


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