Brymir – Slayer Of Gods Review

brymir slayer of godsIt’s been five years since the last Brymir album, 2011’s Breathe Fire To The Sun, but Brymir have certainly proven that good things come to those who wait as their new opus Slayer Of Gods is another mighty release from the band that builds on what made their debut good and also treads on new ground for them.

It’s a powerful listen, but perhaps the highest point of the release occurs in the middle, with the title track Slayer Of Gods. The synth line is just so damn triumphant, with the piano line near the end adding a touch of class before the choral vocals join in for good measure, and it’s a track that will send goosebumps down your spine. Additionally, the following two tracks (Thus I Became Kronos and Stormsoul) are also fantastic inclusions and indeed, the combination of the three tracks works really well – the flow from one to the next is magnificent.

Unfortunately, the album does end a little abruptly. Pantheon Of Forsaken Gods sounds like it’s only halfway finished as it fades away – as a listener it’s a bit of a disappointment for the band not to return for one final round, but it’s a minor nuance in the grand scheme of things because otherwise, Slayer Of Gods is a fantastic album and it showcases a band on the top of their game.


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