Brett Randell – Rise Review

brett randell riseFor Brett Randell, music is an emotional and smooth sounding journey through the heart. Gifted with a natural ability to put together a professional sounding song that instantly feels like a hit, Brett Randell shines bright with his new and infectious album Rise.

Opening with coffee-shop ready track, The Waitress, this song fits in well with the fans of both Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz. Leaning heavily on the catchy riff that pairs well with Brett Randell’s smooth voice, this track will no doubt be a fan favorite and one that has all the potential to make it to the radio.

Without You may slow down the pace, but does not cover up the raw emotional honesty of Brett Randell’s style. The star player, as it should be, is his voice and the interesting lyrical style of Brett’s singing. Stripped down to the core, Without You drops the expected layers and progression of a track like this. With no drums, no piano and nothing more than a voice and a guitar, this song feels full with layers of emotion.

Rise is the unofficial single of the album. It harnesses the beauty of what can be created when you mix both a guitar and violin. As expected, the vocals are beautiful and honest. The lyrics are vulnerable and true, and for this sort of song, everything is paced perfectly.

The fourth track Ghost sounds a lot like City And Colour from first glance, a little too close, but luckily for Brett Randell, he can add his own unique voice to the track, which successfully makes this song his own. The track itself feels a bit sad but hopeful, vulnerable yet strong, and it doesn’t slow the momentum that the first few songs created.

The final track Enigma is more of what you have already heard, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It is nice to hear an album that understands the tone it is trying to set. You can press play and let it run, and if this is the mood you are looking for, then you will be thankful that every song feels like it fits perfectly into this beautiful project.

The album as a whole may not be breaking down any walls in the genre it plays within, but that isn’t the purpose here. Instead what you get is a solid creation with song after pleasant song, and if you like beautiful sounding music with depth, this will be an album you want to sink your teeth into.


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