Zoax – Zoax Review

zoaxAfter being seriously impressed by Zoax after seeing them support Funeral For A Friend on their final tour, we’ve been eagerly awaiting their upcoming debut album but unfortunately, it isn’t a release that does the band justice.

Onstage, Zoax is an energetic and powerful band that delivers every night, giving 100% no matter if they’re playing to a crowd of their fans or to people unfamiliar of them, but unfortunately Zoax haven’t quite channelled this onstage energy into the album. In particular, when I saw second track Devil Dance in a live environment, Adam was actually in the crowd screaming the line “why so serious?” at people, but the studio version feels lacking in comparison, with the instrumentation and vocals not quite packing a powerful punch.

That’s not to say that Zoax is a bad album, as the songs on there are certainly listenable but on the other hand it does feel like the band can do so much better than this. It doesn’t grip you and there’s not really any memorable moments which is a shame after being so impressed by their live show. However, you can still count on us being down the front for the next Zoax gig near us!


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