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ZerobyteThis three-track offering is the debut release from Spanish death/djent band Zerobyte and although it doesn’t blaze a new trail through the genre, it’s a good enough release and it has all the foundations for a solid career for the band.

It begins with an atmospheric introduction to Preselected Artificial Life before the vocals kick in, but nothing instantly jumps out at you. It’s a good track but it just feels like it’s been done many times before, so it doesn’t quite sound fresh, but there is this fantastic heavy section at the end that’s simply calling to bang your head along to!

It’s a somewhat similar story with Liberation, however final track War Of Emptiness is an absolute beast of a song. This is one that goes the extra mile and really stands out from the other two, featuring some great melodic sections amongst the aggression and it’s a nice touch. The outro is also striking; finishing with atmospheric noise that slowly fades away, only for the band to briefly return following about a minute of silence with a few more extra little soundbites before finishing for good – certainly a memorable way to wind things up.

There’s definitely a lot of potential nestled into these three songs, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this band to see where they’re going to go next – there’s a lot of potential for the band to grow and evolve with future releases. And besides, you can get this for free from their bandcamp so there’s no excuse not to give them a chance.


Zerobyte: Bandcamp|Twitter

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