Zelorage – So You’re A Mess Review

Zelorage You're A MessIt almost feels too soon for a ‘Nu-Metal Revival’. Did it ever really go away? Who knows, but put it this way, Zelorage are still very much flying the flag. And they’re not just a band who are influenced by some of the big boys in Nu-Metal and introduced elements into their sound, they’ve gone all the way with this one. The issue is, as you really start to sink your teeth into the album, it’s not long before its formulaic nature begins to grate on you.

The album does have some high points – the opening track Socialite delivers a promising start, and Cavity is probably the most interesting sounding track on the record, but the highlights are few and far between. You can see where their influences comes from, it sounds like a Drowning Pool record, but as the album progresses (and it’s unnecessarily long) you’ll sit there wondering why you’re not just listening to the bands who made the scene what it was in the first place.

They will likely struggle to make a real impact if they don’t look to at least bring some new, fresher elements into their music – it just isn’t 1999 anymore. The ground work is there, and they’re clearly good at writing bouncy, moshy riffs but there needs to be so much more.


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