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After catching a few bands at Slam Dunk (our review of which can be seen here), we headed back over to the press area to have a quick chat with guitarist and co-lead singer of Zebrahead, Matty Lewis. Here’s what we chatted about!

You’ve just released your newest album The Early Years – Revisited, it’s a greatest hits of sorts. How did you choose which songs were re-recorded and put on the album?
I think we basically we looked for songs that you know, are fan favourites and some that were singles and we asked some fans what they would like to hear and so we just, a combination of all three of those.

Are there any songs now looking back that you wish you had re-recorded?
I would love to re-record them all cause all the older ones, I can sing on them. But most of the songs we recorded we play live anyway or have played at some time so. I would love to, and I know the rest of the band would, just re-record every song but we’re doing a lot of new stuff and there’s not enough time.

What would you say are your favourite and least favourite venues to play?
There’s so many good venues that we always play, I’m a fan of festivals because venue wise, the stages are really kind of kinda big. I would say my favourite place to play is…it sounds really weird but China Marine stadium in Tokyo, it’s a baseball stadium. It’s fantastic, why would you not like to play there? And as far as worst place to play, I don’t know I don’t think I have a worst place to play. There was one place in Derby, a long time ago, we played but I still liked it. It was like really, really small and I still liked it. I don’t think there’s been a venue that I didn’t like to play, I’m being honest here.

What’s your take on streaming services such as Spotify and most recently, Tidal?
I like the idea of it, I really think that it’s tough because in one aspect it’s an easy way to get your music out there, easy way for a lot of people to hear. But for bands that are kind of struggling and kind of need the money to live, it’s tough to make a living. We sometimes have thousands of plays and come up with money for gas and that’s about it, maybe a hot dog. But I don’t know, it’s tough. With music today and the industry with all the streaming services, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know how they can change it to make it beneficial for both, the artists and the listeners, because there has to be a trade off somewhere somehow. I don’t know, I don’t have the answer so we just show up and party. Let everyone else deal with that.

Who would you recommend that I go check out today at Slam Dunk or in the future?
Definitely our friends Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger, Millencolin. Big D already played, so you’re missing out.

What’s one question you’ve never been asked but would love to be asked?
Wow, that’s a question I’ve never been asked and would love to answer right now. Um… wow, this is tough. Math problems.. I would like to be asked a math problem.

(We then proceeded to ask a math problem and realised that we wouldn’t know whether it was correct or not as our interviewer is terrible at maths.)

Quick fire round!
Best thing about being in a band?
Best thing? Free beer.

Worst thing about being in a band?
Not free beer and sometimes no showers.

Pet Peeves?

Football or cricket?
Oh, football. American football.

MP3 or vinyl?
Oh, MP3… No, I’m kidding. Vinyl.

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