Zebedy – Set The Pace Review

zebedy set the paceOld favourites of ours, Zebedy, are back with a brand new EP entitled Set The Pace and once again it’s another stellar effort from the band.

I’m pretty sure that the title track Set The Pace was the song I raved about in my last live review of Zebedy, as there’s an ever-so-slight recollection in the back of my mind about the striking chanted introduction and the song really left an impression on me because of how powerful it was! Set The Pace is Zebedy at their best, and it’s an addictive, fast-paced piece of work that showcases another facet of Zebedy’s sound.

The EP continues strongly, Of Revelations having more of an ‘old school Zebedy’ vibe to it thanks to the guitar lines, meaning there’s something for old and new fans alike on the EP, and the following track In is perhaps the shortest Zebedy track yet, clocking in at just over one minute in duration – but if anything, it leads seamlessly into Bloom so it’s almost like an extended intro to the song, and it means that Bloom (which was previously released as a single roughly two years ago) has a fresh spin to it, and helps to keep things that little bit more interesting.

It’s always good when a band is as consistently good as Zebedy is – you always know they’ll come back with some awesome music every time they release something new, and Set The Pace is one of their best pieces of work so far!


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