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Easily of the best hip-hop artists around, the very humble Yury wouldn’t openly call himself that, but his fans do. Mixing some of the most unique beats and smoothest rhymes around, this socially and spiritually aware lyrical warrior brings his best to the music scene with the release of his newest album entropy.

Your new album entropy is beautifully produced and masterfully designed. How long did this album take to make?
It was an on again off again process that spanned roughly 1.5 years. I was developing my production, writing, and mixing skills at varying rates, and that back and forth affected the timeline, along with personal matters.

Your current single Intrinsically Motivated is a great choice for a single. Why did you choose that particular song over the others?
It just felt right honestly.

Can you take us through your song writing process?
I generally write a melody, then add some drums. Then I write some lyrics. After that it’s a sporadic back and forth between developing the music and writing the lyrics until an end point is reached.

Where do you gather inspiration from?
Mostly from my observations and thoughts of life. My reactions to what I feel and witness. And also, a lot of the times the music just comes to me serendipitously.

With over seven years in the music industry under your belt, what are some of your musical highlights?
Creating entropy from scratch for sure. That, and the behind the scenes development. There’s so much that goes into this that goes unseen.

Your style is more than just hip-hop, it is unique in the beats that accompany the rhymes as well. How would you describe your sound to someone that has not heard of you before?
I’ll let you help me out on that one lol!

Do you have any advice for musicians looking to make their own album?
Approach it in the most humble way possible. And push through the mental barriers.

If you had the chance to collaborate with another artist on a future project, who would you like to work with?
J.Cole or Kendrick.

From mixing to recording to producing to mastering, you do it all. Any chance you might bring on someone else to help with some of those areas in the future?
Absolutely. I’m grateful to have gone through this process, but I’ll definitely be getting engineering and production help from others. Now that I have a solid grasp of most engineering concepts, it just helps me relay my ideas better.

Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans?
I genuinely thank you for your support. I decided some years ago to go down the rabbit hole of being a full on musician, and it’s one of the most difficult yet fulfilling things I could have imagined. I appreciate everyone who has come along for the journey.

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