Your Army – Ignite Review

Your Army – Ignite

Since hearing the track ‘No Good’ and featuring Your Army on the site here –¬†Interview with Your Army¬† – in June of last year I have been real eager for this album to come out.

Opening song ‘Without Regret’ starts off with just Lucy Caffrey’s vocal and Andrew Hollick’s drum beat and quickly kicks into a powerful song with a great gang vocal in the chorus.

Next up is ‘No Good’, a song familiar to fans as it was released as a single last year and is a killer rock track, fast paced and catchy.

The band play a style of rock that is both accessible and powerful, a great combination.

This album is chock full of great songs, that is what really stands out here, the quality of the songwriting, there really isn’t a poor track here, latest single ‘One Last Time’ is outstanding, ‘Dance’ does really want to make you dance and ‘Started A Fire’ makes you raise your fist and shout!

‘Ignite’ was produced by Ace from Skunk Anansie and sounds crystal clear, and Your Army definitely draw some comparisons to that band, Lucy has an amazing voice, full of power and melody, just check out track ‘Throw Up Your Flag’ for perfect examples of both these things.

The whole band sound great, Guitarist Chris Skelly can pump out those riffs like nobodies business and bassist Simon Key, along with Drummer Andrew Hollick are ¬†definitely the back bone of the band.The album closes with the massive sounding ‘Chase The World’, a slower, brooding number and one of the best songs here, it’s pretty epic.

So if you like honest, huge sounding rock, played with passion and melody then Your Army are definitely for you. ‘Ignite’ can be downloaded from iTunes, or available from amazon and I really suggest you do.

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