Ygodeh – The Experiment Interrupted Track By Track Review

Billed as synthetic death metal, Ygodeh’s music was never going to be your conventional sort of music. The Experiment Interrupted is the band’s latest release and it’s a very unique and refreshing listen – different enough to get noticed, but accessible enough for the band to appeal to a wider audience.

To Down
The Experiment Interrupted opens very strongly with To Down, which gives the listener a great insight into exactly what Ygodeh is about. It serves a dual purpose of both an introduction and opener, and the synthesised violin makes the whole thing sound massively epic. The effect that moves between the right and left side of the audio (this is definitely a release most worthy of being enjoyed with headphones) is incredible and the track is a fantastic way to start things off.

From On High
Continuing from where To Down left off, From On High gets things moving nicely. The repeating little riffs really get stuck in your head and the hammered wall of guitars is awesome, really bringing the noise between the softer moments of the song. This blends aggression and softness perfectly into one entity and is one to bang your head to.

Groove’s Night
This is a bit more of a difficult track to connect with. There’s a bit of a doomy feel due to the slow pace but it doesn’t really help the track and nothing quite works. The guitar solo seems a little misplaced in addition to this, but the synth is incredible throughout – it’s just a shame that the track as a whole isn’t as captivating as some of the others of the release.

Fragment 1
Starting with clashing noises and ideas, it doesn’t have the best of openings but once the song properly gets going it packs a real punch. The intricate little riff that keeps popping up at different moments is so catchy and the violin solo that leads into a great little heavy section is hauntingly great. Although the song ends with similar clashing noises to those it started with, it’s an all-round good track that’s just let down by the intro and outro.

Eternal Immortal
This is another slightly weaker offering and there’s nothing that sets this apart from the others, subsequently resulting in it not being as memorable as it could be. There isn’t anything in particular that grips you about this one and serves more as a filler song than anything else, not quite gripping the listener.

Fallen’s is another slower track, but this is more atmospheric than the others. There’s a bit of a black metal feel to it and it’s a wonderfully dark track that’s packed to the brim with perfectly organised noise backed up fantastically with awesome synth lines. The vocals stand out on this one and result in one of the best performances from vocalist Serberus of the entire album!

Trance Orchestra
The standout track of the album. The opening instantly gets you hooked – it almost feels like retro game music! – and it goes from strength to strength as it progresses. It has a bit of an industrial feel to it and the instrumentation sets this one apart from the crowd. You just seem to pick up a new sound or effect on every listen and it’s an absolutely fantastic listen.

Fragment 2
This is an instrumental track and a great way of rounding things up. The only real problem with this one is the length as it maybe could have done with being a bit longer – it almost seems a little unfinished as it’s quite sparse and doesn’t really feature the distinctive synth that moulded their sound in the earlier songs.

In summary, The Experiment Interrupted is a strong release but is let down by a couple of the tracks. Ygodeh are destined for great things and it will be interesting to see what they will do next.


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  1. Hello, Thank you very much for this good review, guys. And personally thanks to Natalie Humphries. Our next album in progress and should be better!

    Best regards, YGODEH

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