Ye Banished Privateers – First Night Back In Port Review

banishedfinYe Banished Privateers are a vagrant band of thirty forsaken swashbucklers. Blood-thirsty Pirates their weapons of choice range from flutes to fiddles and banjos to accordions. Channeling the original 18th century punk movement with the sweet voices of many haggered buccaneers. As a result they teach us how to get jiggy with it sea dog style.

The best of Irish and Scandi folk music mixed with a spattering of shanty’s. Ye Banished Privateers tell tales best left for the campfire. Doing it with a very robust and verbose ensemble. With dark and humorous recollections inspired by the harsh political times and harsher affairs of folk in the 18th century.

The perilous adventures of Ye Banished Privateers employ the magic and romance that’s now associated with the golden age of piracy. Expressed with a gamut of emotion; sometimes tragic, often humorous but always with a solid core of authenticity these songs have theatrical gusto.

First Night Back In Port brings in a full cargo of jovial jigs and reels. Told beautifully through a sea hardened appetite. While capturing the spirit of sea dogs with spectacular flare. These pirates spin strong tales with deep rhythms that will capture both your heart and imagination. While their catchy choruses will stick with you like a barnacle on the bottom of a boat. Similarly their hooks will have you reeling drunk. Haunting you like tales of the Mary Celeste.


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