Yashin – We Created A Monster Album Review

In my humble opinion Yashin should be huge, We Created A Monster is the bands second album, released through the Pledge music scheme, and it picks up where the first album left off.

The bands sound hasn’t changed dramatically from the first album, but they have definitely defined it a bit more. The melodic, accessible parts are more melodic and accessible and the hard, aggressive parts are much harder and more aggressive.

The interplay between Harry Radford’s clean, melodic vocals and Kevin Miles aggressive and sometimes almost death-metal like growls give the band lots of options when it comes to song structures, for instance Harry takes the lead on the bands most commercial song to date, Pushing Up Daises, whereas Kevin does on the hard hitting Angel’s Son.

Out of the 12 tracks here, 10 full songs and 2 intro’s, there isn’t a weak one amongst them, both videos to date New Year or New York and Make It Out Alive, are great songs and perfect Yashin tunes, but any song here could be a single, This Is The Sound of Our Time has a massive chorus, Runaway Train initially brings to mind Emarosa until Kev opens up that throat of his.

The Last One Standing also contains a monster performance from both vocalists. I should also definitely mention the rest of the band, Lewis Millen and Paul Travers on Guitar, Andrew McShane on Bass and David Beaton on drums, they are clearly at the top of their game with a faultless performance, the album sounds fantastic with a great production job by Nick Scholey, who has also worked with Flood Of Red and Lower Than Atlantis.

This is a great album from such a good and deserving band, please pick it up and try and catch them live.


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1 Comment on Yashin – We Created A Monster Album Review

  1. I think this review is pretty accurate…

    But I just have to comment on how Kerrang reviewed it
    With KKKs (all be it the review they wrote was flawless)

    But I’ve now downloaded While She Sleeps new album and it does not even have half
    Of the songs that Yashins album has!!! There are some brill tracks on WSS album but
    EVERY track on Yashins album could have been a potential single!!!

    KKKKKs??? “bumming” is the only word that
    Springs to mind!!!

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