Wrong – Pessimistic Outcomes

Wrong - Pessimistic Outcomes - COVERThere’s an awful lot of black metal floating about at the moment that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd when there are so many similar bands in the scene, but a band that’s doing things right is Wrong.

For a five-track release, Pessimistic Outcomes certainly packs a punch and after a stunning opener, the band take things up a notch with His Hatred Breathes, an absolute blinder of a track. There’s no other way to describe the song aside from grim; there’s this wonderful dark tone to it that lurks beneath the slight melody merging with the noise, and it’s everything a song should be – not to mention great to bang your head along to!

Unfortunately, the album does dip a little at penultimate track Dragging My Soul Until The Sunset. It takes seemingly forever to get going and drags somewhat with its sparse introduction, and it feels like a haphazard mix of ideas that don’t really go in any particular direction. However things do end on a high with epic closer I Thought I’d Woken, the perfect way to sum everything up with massive-sounding sections and ideas that brings everything good about the band into one place.

Pessimistic Outcomes is just a great album, pure and simple, and if you’re looking for an interesting and gripping listen then look no further than here!


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