Wovenwar – Honor Is Dead Review

wovenwarhonorcdThis is the return of Wovenwar. The band whose name rhymes with metalcore but isn’t. A band from within a band, with all but Shane Blay (Oh, Sleeper) coming from As I Lay Dying. Where the metalcore alumni have reinvented themselves as a hard rocking troupe while simultaneously fornicating with some serious bile.

With past achievements aside this is Wovenwars’ second album and the band are railing pretty hard and heavy on it. Making a din with conscientious refrain by spreading melodious vocals over a series of sordid riffs laid over an abounding set of drum hits. With every rhythm inclusive to building up and breaking down the noise ganking the riffs with unyielding beats.

Those moments are when Wovenwar are being fastidiously intense but they have another side to show and do so on Honor Is Dead.  When the gruff attitude settles the doleful serenade of song affirms the tonal dynamics of guitarist Nick Hipa who experiments profusely throughout the range of his instrument. Unabashedly utilizing techniques and effects to augment the urgency of woe that the lyrics speak of.  Riding high or wavering low in the mix to bind the music to the words.

Honor Is Dead is a very cohesive piece of metal and it flows like a bleeding reservoir cut on passion. With its mercurial elements more twists than stepped  instances the changes in tone make dynamic tension seem like tough work. However the licks aren’t taxing but do hold a lot of vigor and yet remain beautiful in their simplicity. Giving the albums many layers a feeling of depth throughout its progressive meanderings.

The migrancy of many of the artists from As I Lay Dying has developed into the sound of a titan given complimentary bells and hammers in Wovenwar. Their music is more interesting than the shenanigans of conspiratory hypocrisy (see: Tim Lambesis) with its substance pro-active and its melodic profoundis Honor Is Dead is an epic from the quorum of the once necroleptic.


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