Wömit Angel – Holy Goatse Review

Wömit Angel Holy GoatseIf you’re looking for an engaging, intense and downright dark-sounding listen, then look no further than Unholy Goatse, the brand new offering from Finnish black metallers Wömit Angel. Nine tracks of pure and unadulterated noise, it’s an album that takes no prisoners and will make you want to revisit it over and over again.

There are some real standout tracks on the album and as if to show the listener what they’re capable off, Holy Goatse gets underway with an absolute monster of an opener, Serpens Cauda. Merging an introduction in with the main body of the track, it leaves a sizeable impression on you with the eerie choral vocals that begin proceedings, and when the whole band gets going, the contrast is like a punch in the face and it’s absolutely marvellous.

Another fantastic inclusion is Nailgun Crucified. With a duration of just over one and a half minutes, you’d be mistaken if you thought that this was a filler or a track to simply bridge the gap between two longer songs, but it’s a meaty little thing that gives a lot in its short length. There’s this great energy to it, like the band are relentlessly giving it their all, and it’s an exceedingly rewarding listen as a result.

A highly recommended album. If you like your music to have balls and substance, then you can do no wrong with this.


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