Wolves Like Us – Black Soul Choir Review

Wolves Like Us - Black Soul ChoirThis album kicks straight in and from the off it sounds big. Days of Ignorance is only an opener track, but its short 1 min 25 leaves you wanting so much more. Follow up Three Poisons does not disappoint. It’s melodic and atmospheric.

Next up is I Don’t Need to Be Forgiven. The first single (check) and first track I heard from this album and the one that suckered me in all by itself. It’s a nice mix of melodic and big sounds without needing to endlessly scream. There are elements of screaming to the track, but they’re less hardcore. Think Deftones, it’s right in that kind of ballpark.

The album is broken up by track A Wish of Fools which is instrumental and feels like an opener. The track that follows, When Will We Ever Sleep has a different sound to the previous tracks and it’s more groove orientated. It still boasts some gruff vocals, but it’s not as atmospheric.

Dig With Your Hands has a killer drum beat that drives the song and a bass hook that will get under your skin and refuse to leave. Lovescared is the exact opposite kind of tune. It starts with just the vocals and an acoustic guitar. It continues in much this way throughout, being probably the softest track on the album, but a beautiful one at that.

The final track on the album Thanatos Wins Again is one long lead out track, again emphasizing this bands ability to showcase atmospheric music with big sounds.

The album is driven by big sounds, melodic guitars, thundering drums and a giant atmospheric sounds. The vocals are at times very Chino Moreno-esque and overall you can’t complain with a man who can scream in a key. This album is well worth a listen.


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