Wolfheart – Tyhjyys Review

Wolfheart TyhjyysThyjyys is the third album from Wolfheart, and it follows on well from the bands previous album Shadow World, showing a good progression from one album to the next.

There’s no doubting that this is a very powerful piece, with Wolfheart relentless in their delivery from start to finish, thanks to the combination of strong vocals, wall of guitars and hard-hitting drums. Additionally, the melodic elements to the band’s sound helps it all to flow well, and helps to bring a bit of variety with some softer and more stripped-back sections that add atmosphere and juxtapose well against the heavier lines. This is particularly evident in fourth track The Flood, which has a few occasions where the band steps back and lets the softer, ambient approaches do the talking before once again bringing the noise.

Musically solid, Tyhjyys features some great inclusions, such as the mighty The Rift which features an introduction that sets the scene tremendously before it progresses into an all-out aural assault, and title track Tyhjyys is a great finale that rounds up the album on a high. Additionally Boneyard, which was Wolfheart’s first release from the album in the tail-end of last year, is another track that holds up well and adds a nice bit of familiarity to the piece.

All in all, another decent release from Wolfheart. This band has delivered once again!


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