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wodeThe eponymous debut from Manchester’s Wode is an exciting launch into destitution. With six lengthy hard and black tracks Wode is a burnt offering still glowing with the incendiary virulence that spread black metal throughout the UK in the early nineties.  Taking modern black metal beyond the horizon, and much like that dank and violent era there’s  that Norwegian bitterness hinted at behind the music.  It’s inspired by that sound but it’s not directly translated, or just transposed onto the score.

Bitterness is mixed with hope; with Blackcore taking the stage for the emotionally despondent Wode’s mix of angry riffing with strong writing makes for a very captivating and emotive piece of raw black metal. Turning chased blast beats rallies movement rather than retracting the unearthly spirit black metal awakens within its followers. While warmer than that old Norwegian sound, Wode manages to capture the migrating darkness and kindle it with reverence.

A deviant against the wave of proud adopters, Wode make a faithful entrance onto a larger stage that’s resplendent with sinister harmonies and simple yet enigmatic melodies.  Riding upfront with the sluagh of noise and slaying plebians with renewed spite.  Wode is a formidable and outstanding first album that encapsulates the distressed nature of black metal and restores it to an instrument for annihilation.


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