Wishing Well – Chasing Rainbows Review

Wishing Well Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows is the debut album from Finnish hard rockers Wishing Well, although this isn’t something you may have guessed on your first listen, because this sounds like a well-established band that’s been making and recording music together for years. There’s a relaxed vibe between the musicians and the way everything gels together makes for a rewarding listen as a result.

Although the main style used on Chasing Rainbows is hard rock, Wishing Well go outside the lines at times, incorporating different styles into their music – there’s a definite doomy vibe to Sacrifice and some powerfully emotive acoustic/stripped-back moments in songs such as Fire In My Soul and I’ll Never Let You Go.

It has to be said that energetic hard rock is what they do best, however, and the driving force behind their faster songs is something to behold. From the frenetic guitars and the hammering drums in sync with the bass, to the sheer power behind the vocals in tracks such as Science Fiction and Luck Is Blind, this is undoubtedly where Wishing Well sound most confident with their musical performance.

Chasing Rainbows is a great debut, and it’s good that Wishing Well have taken a few risks by throwing a few different styles into the mix – I await with interest to see what they’ll do next.


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