Wintersun – The Forest Seasons Review

Yep, you heard right – Wintersun is actually back with a new album! It’s not Time Part 2, however, this is a standalone concept album about – you guessed it – the four seasons.

The Forest Seasons, however, just feels so underwhelming, especially when you consider the hype that has been surrounding it ever since it was first announced. There’s nothing particularly special or groundbreaking about the four songs that the album consists of, and they’re not the sort of tracks that will get under your skin or stuck in your head. They’re just decidedly average.

Sure, there’s some good technical guitar solos, and some powerful orchestral sections, but if anything they’re just over the top and it’s like they have been added for the sake of it – and no matter how many times I listen, The Forest Seasons is just not a grower. Indeed, I’m struggling to even think of things to say about it because it just hasn’t invoked any sort of reaction in me.

Maybe it’s just me, and the fans praising it are hearing something I’m not, but this is not an album that is particularly inspiring or memorable in my opinion. But perhaps Time 2 will be better?


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