Windfaerer – Tenebrosum Review

windfaerer - tenebrosumWindfaerer are back with their new album Tenebrosum and it’s a great release that takes what made their last releases good and builds on them to create something even better. Blending black metal and folk metal into one streamlined offering, Windfaerer have really found their own sound and subsequently Tenebrosum is an album that certainly leaves an impression on you.

One of the best things about Windfaerer’s sound is the fact that it isn’t solely driven by vocals. Most songs these days are vocally led, with the instrumentation serving as support, but with Tenebrosum, every element of their sound is equal, with sections led by strings, the guitars, drums and vocals – it’s great to witness each member getting the chance to take centre stage and it also means that the listener never quite knows what to expect next with the album as it progresses.

A particular highlight of the album is Tales Told In Oblivion. Beginning with a guitar riff that returns several times over the course of the track, it grabs your interest almost immediately and holds it as the vocals and violin join in for good measure, with the harsh vocals and gentler violin tones juxtaposing well against each other. However, it’s the part just after the middle section of the track that really takes your breath away and sends shivers down your spine – it’s a fairly simplistic stripped-back section with nothing but a repeated guitar line and an ever-so-slight peppering of percussion in the background. The softness really works well at dividing up the track before the whole band rejoins the track and brings the noise to wind it up – truly stunning stuff.

Tenebrosum is an album you absolutely need in your life. Quite simply, it’s something you don’t want to miss.


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