Wilson – Right To Rise Review

Wilson - Right To Rise - ArtworkRight To Rise is the second album from Detroit rockers Wilson, and it has an odd sort of familiarity about it; almost like I’ve heard it before somewhere. However despite this, there’s no denying that this is an absolutely fantastic listen.

The production quality of the release is one of the first things that really hits you about Right To Rise. Everything sounds so crisp and polished, yet the album still manages to maintain that slightly gritty quality that goes hand-in-hand with the rock’n’roll genre, which was surely no mean feat to achieve.

Secondly, the songs on Right To Rise are the sort of pieces that will inevitably worm their way into your head and stay there for days. Windows Down! is a particularly good example of this, starting off with a unique introduction of a radio DJ giving a spoken introduction before the track kickstarts with a bang, featuring plenty of riffs along with a powerful vocal line and a massive chorus. It’s also a song that will surely go down a treat live – with chants and claps included into the song, I can already picture crowds responding well to it!

There’s only one slight problem with Right To Rise, and it’s the aforementioned familiarity. There’s nothing about this album that really sets Wilson apart from the crowd – whilst the album isn’t good, it feels like Wilson haven’t quite found their identity yet and have plumped for a safe release rather than experimenting with a few different ideas. Still a great album though!


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