William Beckett – Genuine & Counterfeit Review

This, the debut solo album from William Beckett, former frontman of The Academy Is… is quite an exciting proposition.

Having already released 3 EP’s and an acoustic album since the band parted ways in 2011, William is a pretty prolific songwriter and definitely hasn’t rested on his laurels.

First song Pick Up The Phone, featuring the considerable talents of one Max Bemis (Say Anything) really sets the tone for the album, it’s a fast paced, pop number with an immensely hummable chorus which will have you clapping your hands with glee!

First single and video from the album, Benny And Joon is a definite stand out track, William has a great voice, which really stands out on this song, it’s well written and sounds great with plenty of Woah oh’s and Heys!

The album is packed full of upbeat, catchy pop rock, One In The Same and Hanging On A Honeymoon are perfect examples of this, both songs perfect foils for William’s soaring voice.

There are also some more introspective moments, Cracks In The Ceiling and Time For A Sign (Which features Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade) are both slower numbers with some meaningful lyrics which show off William’s considerable songwriting talents.

Overall this is a great album full of poppy melodies and upbeat, synth laden songs, a bit of a shift from William’s work with The Academy Is… but a more mature one for sure.


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