White Lion Parade – The Valley EP Review

The Valley (Deluxe Edition)The Valley may only be a three-track EP but it definitely leaves a great impression by the time the closing chords ring out. Originally released in 2013 as a two-track offering, 2014 saw a deluxe edition re-release on cassette via Casseblank containing a bonus track.

Opener and title track Valley is a stunning opener, beginning with atmospheric and soft tones before the crushing guitars set in for a fantastically heavy section before fading into a second softer part. There’s a real danger of the track becoming a little repetitive, but when the vocals kick in, it feels like a breath of fresh air and helps keep things progressing well.

Following track Stars feels like a direct continuation, building on the elements and ideas of Valley and although it follows largely the same format as the previous track, it’s another decent track and the vocals in this one are particularly strong with a good amount of power behind them.

Battle Of The Sea is a great inclusion, almost serving as a teaser for what’s to come on future releases. At times it’s a lot more vocal-driven, however there is also plenty of glossy instrumental sections to connect with, and it feels like a very natural end to the release – like it was a part of the original EP as well.

All in all, The Valley EP is a good and substantial release, and although it could perhaps do with a little more variation at times, it’s an enjoyable listen and shows that White Lion Parade is certainly a band to look out for.


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