Interview With White Clouds And Gunfire

Soundscape Magazine are very pleased to introduce you to another great UK punk-pop band, say hello to White Clouds And Gunfire, the band are vocalist Evey, drummer Lewis, Bassist Woodsy and guitarist Ben. They’re regulars on Xtreme Radio Swansea, and their song ‘Satellite’ has been in the top 5 for 3 weeks now! We were lucky enough to catch up with the band and hear what they had to say.


1. Who are you and what do you do?
We are White Clouds and Gunfire: a female fronted,4 piece, pocket rocket, punk pop band from Peterborough – haha I think that covers it ; )

2.How did you get started?
White Clouds first started about 2 years ago but we had a different lead singer and Evey played synths. Recently, he decided to leave so Ben joined the band (lead guitar) and Evey took over lead vocals. Luckily, everything just seemed to “click” together, not just musically but personality wise as well. It really is like we’ve found a new passion for being in a band again and we’re all so much more focussed now.

3.Favourite music and why?
Our main love is pop punk but we all listen to lots of different types of music. For example, Ben likes dance music and Evey is really into her metal. It’s good because when we write new songs, we all can bring something different to the table.

4.What have you got going on at the moment?
We’ve got lots of shows booked around the country and we’ve started getting played on radio stations not only in England, but in Australia and America too. It’s amazing to think that people on the other side of the world might be humming our songs. We’re also booked to go back into the studio in August so we’ll have some new tracks for people to download before the end of the year.

5.Best experience in the business?
Definitely Stamford Riverside Festival, it’s the biggest free music festival in our area. After going to the festival for years we finally got to play and not only that, we earnt the slot after being voted for by fans from 60 other bands. We all worked so hard leading up to gig and that feeling of playing in front of so many people on that huge stage was out of this world. People we didn’t know were singing along to our songs and the Red Arrows flew over the stage during our set! It has definitely spurred us on to do bigger and better things. Ultimately, we just want people to listen to us and like what they hear, or at the least, think that we’re good at what we do.


Check out the bands page at, add them, send them a message, tell them you love them (also tell ’em Soundscape Magazine sent you). Make sure you especially check out ‘Satellite’ which is a cracker and shows off Evey’s great vocals and some great song writing from the band and ‘Road To Ruin’ which has a great melody that will stick in your head for days. You should definitely keep an eye on this band because they are certainly destined for greatness. Many thanks to Evey for helping us out with this!

Photo Credits: Live shot – Nick Reinis, Group shot – Ben Webb
Words: Paul Esp

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8 Comments on Interview With White Clouds And Gunfire

  1. Yay! I have famous connections! The picture with my Grandad’s jeep looks great! Go White Clouds!

  2. Seen these guys a few times, absolutely fantastic live and really cool guys to chat to as well.
    Saw Woodsy’s old band State of Freedom 14 times and hoping to beat that record with White Clouds and Gunfire!

  3. White Clouds and gunfire are a must-see live show. Their Stamford Riverside Festival performance definitely backs that statement up a million fold. The previous band, everybody was sitting down, nobody was getting into. During White Clouds and Gunfire’s set-opening song, everybody was standing up and we had quite a crowd at the front of the stage. Keep up the hard work and I’ll be seeing you in all the magazines (that I’ll hopefully be writing for :-p) in the future!

  4. I can’t understand why they are not signed to a big label yet. Their demo CD is fab and ‘Satellite’ is chart material!

  5. lovely bunch of ppl with a passion of makin fun n uplifting music fronted by the pocket rocket eve! haha! bigger things to come for them n hope they keep up the hard work whilst making great music for all of us to listen too.

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